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I am an active amateur radio operator since 1990 with 333 current DXCC entities confirmed.  The highest ranked and top HP in DXCC with the following DXCC AWARDS: HONOR ROLL, CHALLENGE (Only HP listed), 5BDXCC #5038, 6M #567, 10M #1819, 12M, 15M, 17M, 20M, 30M, 40M #3684, 80M #1878, CW #9079, PHONE #20222, RTTY #1094, MIXED #32117.  Currently hold a CLASS "A" amateur radio license in the Republic of Panama and an AMATEUR EXTRA CLASS license in the United States of America with the callsign W2JN.  My activity covers all the bands from HF 10-160M, 6M, VHF/UHF, SATELITES, and modes CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31, MFSK16, MT63, HELL and PACKET.   I organized and activated for the first time the last two unnumbered HP IOTA references NA-202 y NA-203.    Also, activated other numbered HP IOTA references NA-071, NA-088, NA-170 and all 9 provinces of the Republc of Panama including the Comarca de San Blas (Kuna Yala).   In the past, I had operated as 3F1P, 3F2CWB, 3F2K, 3F99PCR, HO1P, 3E2G, 3E500CWB, H92A, HO2M, 3F3C, H33C, HO3C, HP2CWB/HP4, H95H, 3E6V, 3F6V, H36V, HO6V, H97D, H88C, HP9I, H99I, 3E0S, 3F0T, H30S, H80S, HO0S, HP100RCP, N4YWY, WB4ABK, and WT3B.

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